New Baby Must Haves

Let’s have a chat about what things you REALLY need to have when your new bundle of joy comes home.

Before the baby comes home, you should put some effort into creating your nest(s). You may want to create two or more areas. You’ll want these to be comfortable spots, maybe a comfortable chair in your living room and your bed with a pile of pillows to prop yourself up with. Next to your comfy sitting place, set up a table with a basket of items you’ll want to have handy. Let me be honest, from my own experience, those changing tables, dressers and cribs are nice and fun to buy… but they don’t really get much use in those first hazy months. In the baskets you’ll want some diapers, wipes, diaper cream (I need to add that to my image!!), nipple cream, nursing pads, tissues, healthy snacks, a phone charger, perhaps a dim lamp, burp clothes, pacifiers if you choose to use them, and maybe an extra sleeper/onesie. Also something good to buy is gripe water, just so you have it on hand.

Next, if you have a support team in place talk to them about creating a meal train. Do a bit of cooking, or even just prepare extra portions of meals you’re already making anyway, and place them in the freezer for easy to grab meals. Stock up on healthy snacks, lactation teas and cookies, and other herbal items you may want to try.

As for the big ticket items, it can be a bit mind boggling so let me narrow it down for you. You will need a carseat, bassinet or co-sleeper (again, a crib doesn’t typically get used right away in my experience) and an infant swing or bouncy seat with vibration or both of these. Additionally, choose a breast pump, and the bottles you want to try- many parents buy a few different brands because breastfed babies are often picky about those bottle nips- and breastmilk storage bags.

You will likely be drooling over the beautiful, and sometime EXTRA outfits that are on the market. Listen…. there is nothing cuter than a newborn dressed like a grandpa, or a baseball player, but honestly, you’re not going to need all those outfits. Of course, having a couple in the closet is SUPER fun and great for pictures, but they grow out of them FAST and you’ll find yourself spending the big bucks for something that won’t get worn much. You’ll want to buy onesies, and sleepers. Take it from a vet-mom and buy sleepers with a zipper and not snaps!! Also pick up a couple of sleepers/onesies in the next size up for baby…. because they really do grow overnight. You’ll thank me for that. Warm blankets, as well as receiving blankets and burp clothes are a must have.

For now, that’s all I can think of that you really need. I’ll add to this list if I think of anything else. I want you to know, this is my own opinion… and you may find that I’m crazy for thinking wipe warmers and changing tables are unnecessary. That’s fine!! If you’re having a baby on a budget, though, this list is sure to put your mind at ease.

Published by nurtureyoudoula

I'm a mother of 3, married to Brian, and a postpartum doula in Southern Indiana. I enjoy blogging, painting/drawing, Bible Journaling and taking naps.

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