Special Offer from Mother’s Lounge! FREE BABY ITEMS!!

Hello friends!! I went online this afternoon, searching for freebies that I could offer to you. I fell into a bit of a rabbit hole and came out with the following links to websites with special discount codes that will get you most of the products for free (just pay shipping.)

I love free samples, free products and getting a really great deal. I am bringing these links to you so that you can “cash-in” on the deals also. I have personally used some of these products, others I haven’t so please- if you order something from a link here and you are dissatisfied, contact me so I can remove the information from my website. I *never* want to cheat you, and it isn’t worth the few bucks commission to me to have you be dissatisfied. I’d also love to hear what you love so I can keep it in my handy dandy notebook as something to recommend in the future.

I am here to help new parents, and these products range from practical to OOOOEEEMMMMGEEEEE it’s so cute!!

Be aware that the following links are affiliate links which means that I do get a bit of commission from the sales, but it won’t cost you anything extra. 


The first link is to a product I have actually used and really loved. It’s a carseat cover, perfect for keeping baby warm, out of the sun, and also away from prying, germy fingers. My daughter had the “Kendra” Minky Dot Fabric, which made an excellent substitute for her favorite blanket “Pinkie” whenever we washed laundry.

Here is a photo of the product I owned, personally.  Source: carseatcanopy.com

This website has a variety of patterns, materials and styles so you can find something to suit your needs. The discount code will get you $50 off an order. This means you can just get a free canopy and pay shipping, or you can get something like the “whole caboodle” and take that $50 off.


Use the Discount Code: nurtureyou1 to get your freebie!!!

Seven Baby (baby wraps and slings)

You all know I love babywearing, right? At Seven Baby, you can choose a sling or wrap in the pattern of your choice. My discount code will get you the sling for free, the wraps are a bit more pricey- but with the code you’ll still be getting a great deal!

Photo of sling carrier from sevenbaby.com

Go to https://www.sevenbaby.com/

Use discount code: nurtureyou1 and receive $40 off your order! Just pay shipping.

Nursing Pillow

Who doesn’t need a good nursing pillow? Trust me when I tell you, you will use this thing for way more than just breastfeeding. In fact, my husband liked to ours as an extra large neck pillow (for his rather thick neck.) The nursing pillow is one of my favorite baby products, I find it to be so versatile. Choose your favorite and use my code for $40 off, just pay shipping on MANY of the patterns available!!

Source: nursingpillow.com


Promo code: nurtureyou1

Udder Covers

Okay, I have to admit the title of this product makes me giggle. If you’ve ever nursed a newborn, you know that you can begin to feel a bit like a milk machine.  These nursing covers are pretty and they can be used for more than just nursing in public. This works as a blanket, burp cloth or even a changing pad in a pinch. The nursing cover pictured below comes in many patterns and colors and you can get it free! Just pay shipping. My discount code gets you $35 off on this website.

Source: “Liam” from uddercovers.com

Go to http://www.uddercovers.com

Use the code: nurtureyou1

Milk Bands

Milk Bands™ are a uniquely designed nursing bracelet that enables the mother to quickly and conveniently identify which breast she last used to feed her baby by simply turning the bracelet inside-out!

But thats not the only purpose, the also have handy time measuring sliders on them to keep track of how long baby fed last, and on which breast. This would be very helpful to a mother trying to get her supply up, or a mother who’s ready to wean. My code will get you $35 off, which comes out to 5 bands, just pay shipping!

Source: milkbands.com

Go to milkbands.com

Use discount code nurtureyou1

Hot Slings

You may be thinking…. why are you sharing another babysling deal? Well, for one thing…. because I have it to offer, but also because I am a firm believer in accessorizing…. even as a mom. So, why not have a few baby carriers that you can match to your shoes…. or pajama pants… or whatever. My code here will get you a $30 discount.

Source: hotslings.com

Go to: http://www.hotslings.com

Discount code: nurtureyou1 {noticing the pattern yet?}

Belly Button Bands

The purpose of this stretchy piece of material is actually VERY practical to a mother. The belly band goes around your belly, allowing you to wear your non-maternity jeans unbuttoned/unzipped with no one noticing. (I need one of these for that Quarantine 15…..errr…. 50) My discount code here will give you $40 to play with on the site, allowing you to grab one body band or two belly bands. Check them out! Lots of colors are available.

Source: bellybuttonbands.com

Go to: http://www.bellybuttonbands.com

Discount code: nurtureyou1

Baby Leggings

Confession- when I bought these my husband looked at me like I was insane. But they were oh-so-cute!! “Baby Leggings are a fashionable, and cute way that you can protect your baby’s knees, keep them warm, and not have to worry about rug burn! These stylish leggings are super soft, and come in all sorts of cute designs (With over 150+ Designs!).” – the baby leggings site says- these are a one size fits most product with sooooo many cute designs. And my code gets you $50! That’s around 5 pairs of cuteness!!!

Source: babyleggings.com

This site also has some really adorable bibs. These aren’t on my “needs” list for baby, but they are definitely precious, and would make a GREAT baby shower gift.

Go to: http://www.babyleggings.com

Code: nurtureyou1

Breast Pads

Ahhhh…. breast pads… you have no idea how valuable they are until you need them and don’t have any. These reusable breast pads come 4 in a pack, and run about $7 each package. They have TONS of colors, patterns and even some pretty funny ones too. I like these watermelon pads. My code gets you $35 to play with, remember you’ll just pay shipping.

Source: breastpads.com

Go to: http://www.breastpads.com

Code: nurtureyou1

Ruffle Buns

So we’ll stick this on our “super cute baby shower gift” list. These are ruffled butt bloomers, or diaper covers, for babies. Presh? Absolutely!! If you have a little man in the house, don’t worry! Ruffle buns sells Stud Muffins for boys also. My code gets you $60 to play with on the site. I know I loved the ruffles when my little girl was born… so go get some.

Source: rufflebuns.com

Go to: http://www.rufflebuns.com

Code: nurtureyou1

Babsy Books

I am an avid reader, I have philosophy (much to my husband’s dismay) that you can NEVER have too many books! My children have even realized that I have a hard time saying no when they want a new book. I give books in lieu of birthday cards. I love books. So I’m excited to bring you this deal!! $40 off on this website will get you 5 board books for only the shipping costs.

Source: babsybooks.com

Go to: http://www.babsybooks.com

Use code: nurtureyou1

Hot Hips

This product is similar to the belly bands above, except THIS one has a button to secure it to your jeans!! With these you’ll be able to stay in your pre-pregnancy jeans for longer than your belly would otherwise allow! This code gets you $60 off your order.

Source: hothips.com

Go to: http://www.hothips.com

Code: nurtureyou1

Eskimo Kids

These are so fun and warm for the whole family! Choose your favorite furry creature from the wide selection and keep warm this winter in the faux fur cuteness! My discount code gets you $35 off!

Source: eskimokids.com

Go to: http://www.eskimokids.com

Code: nurtureyou1

Hooded Towels

I was a skeptic of these towels as a first time mom, but let me tell you…. they are AWESOME! Especially for rangling toddlers who don’t want to stay still. Wrap your kiddo up in this warm and colorful towel to make drying off a breeze! My code saves you $35 which should get you one free towel if you pay shipping!!

Source: hoodedtowels.com

Go to: http://www.hoodedtowels.com

Code: nurtureyou1

Pregnancy Pillow

Any woman who has been pregnant knows that a pregnancy pillow is one of the best things ever made. Find a pillow that suits you on this site, choosing from a variety of colors and materials and styles. My code gets you $50 off your order.

Source: pregnancypillow

Go to: http://www.pregnancypillow.com

Code: nurtureyou1


This portable, extra long charger is great for helping mom keep her phone charged while she nurses in a spot not conveniently placed near an outlet. 12ft USB cord, coils around the base so you won’t be tangled up. Many colors available. My code saves you $30!

Source: icoil.com

Go to: http://www.icoil.com

Code: nurtureyou1

Little Fans

Themed carseat covers, these are for the little sports fans to be in your life. Choose your favorite team and keep baby cozy while you rep your squad. My code gets you $35 off your order.

Source: littlefans.com

Go to: http://www.littlefans.com

Code: nurtureyou1

Little Wanderers

Baby’s shoes are just about the sweetest thing! They are so unnecessary, however and hard soled shoes are NOT recommended for babies and young toddlers who are still learning to walk. This deal will score you a free pair (or even 2 pairs) of soft soled, adorable infant shoes that will make all the grandma’s go “AWWWWW!!” $6p off your order, just pay shipping!

Source: littlewanderers.com

Go to: http://www.littlewanderers.com

Code: nurtureyou1

Custom Pacifiers

Pacifiers are so so awesome… especially at 3am. And on this site you can design your own!! With my code you’ll get $30 to play with, and with that- you can get up to 3 free personalized pacifiers! How awesome is that?! I have to say, this is the product I’m most excited about on this list.

Source: custompacifiers.com

Go to: http://www.custompacifiers.com

Code: nurtureyou1

Custom Snappies

Okay, maybe THESE are my favorite product in this offer. Custom onsies, made by you!! You’ll get $50 to use on this site to create TWO onsies as unique as your baby! Just pay that shipping cost and they’re all yours!!

Source: customsnappies.com

Go to: http://www.customsnappies.com

Code: nurtureyou1

Phew!! That was A LOT of information, and I lot of free stuff! I am so glad to be able to offer these specials to you. These are great options for yourself, your friends, coworkers, or anyone having a baby!!

Thank you for being here today! Let me know if you ordered anything and what you think of it! I really want to know!

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