Slippery Tricks for Bathing a Newborn

It dawned on me recently that bathing a newborn baby is a potential cause of stress for new parents. I’m here to give you just a few helpful hints on the what, when and how to bath that sweet, slippery little bundle of joy. The first question when it comes to bathing is “how often?”Continue reading “Slippery Tricks for Bathing a Newborn”

Call Their Genitals By The Correct Names

There are few things that get a good, old fashioned Grandma clutching her pearls quicker than a toddler saying “Penis” or “Vagina.” The use of these anatomical names are often seen as vulgar, uncouth and definitely NOT for the mouths of babes. So why would I recommend that you teach your children to name theirContinue reading “Call Their Genitals By The Correct Names”

Depression’s Ugly Cousin; Rage

I think it’s safe to say that everyone knows what Postpartum Depression is, and we all have an idea of what it is supposed to look like: think Kirstie Alley crying at the television in a bath robe (am I showing my age with this reference?) But what a lot of people don’t realize isContinue reading “Depression’s Ugly Cousin; Rage”

A New Village

This will be a short and sweet post- but it’s exciting!! I am now admin for a new support group on Facebook for women who are trying to become, or are pregnant, postpartum women, and moms with toddler aged kiddos. 2020 had been isolating, to say the least, and it’s been difficult for new mothersContinue reading “A New Village”

How to Decide Which Breast to Offer

Most new nursing moms try to nurse on one breast, then switch to the other breast at the next feeding. This system works, but is it the best? Honestly, I won’t tell you what system is best- it’s not my thing. I prefer to offer you options to try to find which you like best.Continue reading “How to Decide Which Breast to Offer”

Recommended Reading for New Parents

This post is in a simple list format so that you can easily scan through and find a book without too much chatter from me. I will eventually write reviews for the books on this list, and if you have any questions about any of them, feel free to reach out. I will not everContinue reading “Recommended Reading for New Parents”

Special Offer from Mother’s Lounge! FREE BABY ITEMS!!

Hello friends!! I went online this afternoon, searching for freebies that I could offer to you. I fell into a bit of a rabbit hole and came out with the following links to websites with special discount codes that will get you most of the products for free (just pay shipping.) I love free samples,Continue reading “Special Offer from Mother’s Lounge! FREE BABY ITEMS!!”

Seeking Your Mom Tribe

When seeking a mom-tribe; do not be afraid that you’re the only mom who’s child didn’t wear socks to school. Do not think that the spit up stain on your tee shirt will be a turn off. Don’t worry about your financial differences, don’t worry about the way you might not look or act likeContinue reading “Seeking Your Mom Tribe”

New Baby Must Haves

Let’s have a chat about what things you REALLY need to have when your new bundle of joy comes home. Before the baby comes home, you should put some effort into creating your nest(s). You may want to create two or more areas. You’ll want these to be comfortable spots, maybe a comfortable chair inContinue reading “New Baby Must Haves”