Doula Services

I am a birth and postpartum doula, and a mother of 3 children. I fully understand the weight of new parenthood and I’m here to make things a little less chaotic.

As a doula I offer support for new parents as they journey from pregnancy to parenthood.

Prenatal and Labor

My prenatal and labor service is for parents seeking someone who can help them navigate their pregnancy and delivery with confidence. Offering only the latest, evidence-based information, I will become a part of the birth team. I offer lots of tips and tricks for helping the laboring mother be more comfortable. I will support any birth outcome- home, hospital, cesarean or whatever combination the parents choose, or encounter along the way- all birthing families need support, empowerment and special care during this time.

Postpartum Support

No time is more ecstatically exhausting than the first few weeks of a baby’s life. Parents are often left wondering the what, when, how, where and why of childrearing and they need someone who can answer their questions, show them the tricks and make sure that they’re taking care of themselves also. As a postpartum doula- I arrive in the home after the baby is born- on whatever time table the birthing family chooses. I spend several hours answering questions, chatting with mom and dad, tidying up, cooking meals and over all just NURTURING the parents who are busy nurturing their new addition. I am trained to recognize perinatal mood disorders, as well in infant care and maternal health after birth. My passion is to help new parents over the first hump and show them that they are exactly what their baby needs.


We are beyond grateful to have had postpartum doula, such as Kelli. As first time parents, it was great to have the help at the newborn stage. Especially since we moved to a new city with no family nearby. Kelli gave us the support that we most definitely needed. She is informative, responsible, and caring individual.

When I needed a friend to consult with, she was my go to person! There’s SO MUCH information/advice/thing you should and shouldn’t do out there for parents. When I contacted Kelli, she was always straight to the point, nonjudgmental, and gave me factual based unbiased information. Not only that, she always encouraged me to follow my motherly instinct, and gave me space to think for myself what is best for my child. I think that’s all you could ask for for a doula. You don’t want someone to tell you what to do, but to have someone on your side supporting and cheering you on as you go through this season of life.

You can tell this is her passion, and her calling! I highly recommend her as your postpartum doula! Thanks again Kelli!!!

Leiya W.

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