Postpartum Services

As the mother of three children I know how beautifully chaotic the postpartum period can be.

I am so passionate about helping other mothers during this tender time period.

My services vary based on the specific needs of your family. As your doula I will empower, educate, and support you as you make the beautiful transition into new parenthood.

Emotional Support

Emotional support includes being a shoulder to cry on during the infamous baby blues period. I will listen to all of your concerns, feelings and thoughts with a loving, unbiased ear. I will support you in finding any additional care you may need to support the best mental health possible. I love hearing your birth story, and you and your partner will want to discuss all the surprising and unexpected parts of your birth experience, I am here for that!

I routinely screen all clients periodically for perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. As the survivor of postpartum depression and anxiety, I have found myself being an advocate for maternal mental health. I am vigilant in monitoring all my postpartum parents for anything out of the ordinary.

I am available by phone and text during the days and night when needed for my clients. You will have my consistent emotional support throughout your entire “fourth trimester.”

Physical Support

Physical support will look slightly different for each family and household but some of the basics that I will offer every family are:

Infant Care basics and information, such as swaddling, diapering, sleep practices, feeding, etc.

Infant massage techniques to help you bond and relax with your new baby. Infant massage is a wonderful bonding technique for dads of breastfed babies to practice!

Baby wearing– I have a collection of baby carriers and a solid knowledge of baby wearing so I can help you find the carrier that best suits you and your baby’s needs.

Light Housekeeping and Meal Prep. I am trained in postpartum nutrition so I can feed the new and nursing mother in the most impactful and nutritious way possible. I’ll also feed the rest of your crew, I wouldn’t want to cause a mutiny!!

Mothering the mother through massage, aromatherapy, nourishment and hydration. I will encourage both parents to rest and relax and let me take the reins during my shift.

Running simple errands like picking up your curbside grocery order, or a special lunch craving.

Sibling care and education, I will teach your older children how they can be most helpful during this time, and how to be extra careful with their new sister or brother. Also help the older siblings process their feelings and thoughts about the birth.

Pet care– I can walk your dog, clean your litter pan, mix up some pet food. Even clean out a gerbil cage. I won’t clean out a fish tank (because I’ve never successfully done this for my own children’s fish and it always ended poorly.) I will care for your FURRY friends while you take a break.

I will ride shotgun with the new mother for her first trip out with baby. Making her feel more confident in her ability to be back in the driver’s seat and making sure that her car seat is secured and she is prepared to venture out alone.

Educational and Referral Support

I will help educate the family with non-biased, evidence based information on sleep, feeding, swaddling, diapering, and all the million other things debated daily on the internet. I will regularly remind you that the internet is the last place you want to go when you’re sleep deprived and wanting answers.

I will educate and refer the mother to services and providers that she may need following birth to optimize her health and mental wellbeing. I will also help to educate and refer the parents to services they may need for their new baby. If I don’t know the answer to a question, or if you need something that I am not trained in, I will tell you that and then proceed to find the best sources of information and services for you.

If your baby is born with any sort of medical abnormality or special needs- I will dive headfirst into educating myself so that I can be of most use to you- the family of this precious baby.

I have a list of referrals to services ranging from health and wellness to social and support groups. All of these will be made available to the client as the need arises.

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