I was nervous at first, having a stranger come in to my home, especially right now, with my newborn…but it was great. Kelli came in and had remembered some of my random chatty requests from our prenatal visit. She made sure I was comfortable and then immediately got to work. I was able to nap comfortably while she did my housework and watched over my baby. All without me having to ask for anything, she just did it.


We are beyond grateful to have had postpartum doula, such as Kelli. As first time parents, it was great to have a postpartum doula to help us navigate the newborn stage. Especially since we moved to a new city with no family nearby. Kelli gave us the support that we most definitely needed. She is informative, responsible, and caring individual.

When I needed a friend to consult with, she was my go to person! There’s SO MUCH information/advice/thing you should and shouldn’t do out there for parents. When I contacted Kelli, she was always straight to the point, nonjudgemental, and gave me factual based unbiased information. Not only that, she always encouraged me to follow my motherly instinct, and gave me space to think for myself what is best for my child. I think that’s all you could ask for for a doula. You don’t want someone to tell you what to do, but to have someone on your side supporting and cheering you on as you go through this season in life.

I highly recommend her as your postpartum doula! Thanks again Kelli!!!


Kelli was a lifesaver after my son was born. She was beyond knowledgeable helping me figure out breastfeeding basics, I could trust her with proper infant care and she was there to give me a chance to shower, rest and eat. As a new mom it is very exhausting and demanding and she made that transition seamless. She not only was here to help with the older kids, housework and infant care but she kept a close eye on me mentally in the postpartum period and made sure that I was taking proper care of myself. I would recommend everyone get a postpartum doula like Kelli!