Women’s Wellness Services

As a doula, women’s wellness just comes naturally to me and I am pleased to bring my passion to the Evansville community. All products offered are created using only the highest quality herbs and oils that I can obtain. All of the following services are available by appointment only. Use the contact form below to schedule an appointment. I’m happy to answer any and all questions that you have, as well.

Yoni Steaming

Yoni steams are an ancient tradition said to help with many female reproductive ailments. I offer a few different herbal concoctions and will use your intake form to determine which is best suited to you. When you choose to have the steam in shop, you will sit on a specially made stool, in an environment designed to bring feelings of wellness and relaxation with a gentle steam moisturizing and toning your most sensitive areas for 20-30 minutes. During your session you can meditate, or choose to journal your emotions as they come to you. You may choose to sip an herbal tea, or listen to music. **

Price: $50

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Aromatherapy Services

As a certified aromatherapist, I am happy to work with clients and find essential oil blends that work best for your specific needs**. Essential oils are another ancient modality, used to assist in the treatment of things from skin conditions to psychological ones. I will meet with you and determine which oils would be best for you to use in massage, lotions or in diffusers. Sessions are 30 minutes long and will include a confidential discussion of your personal needs. Also, be sure to check the shop for specialty blends available for immediate purchase! **

Aromatherapy Session: $30 + cost of oils

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Postpartum Sealing and Binding Ceremony

A postpartum sealing and binding ceremony is designed to bring closure to the opening and cooling of the body that occurs during pregnancy and birth. Your ceremony in the shop will include a lovely, specially made herbal tea, a recounting of your birth story to honor and acknowledge this transformative time. Following the tea/story you can choose a lovely rub down using special warming herbally infused oil, followed by a sacred tuck-in ceremony with a warm wrapping of the body from head to toe accompanied by a blessing spoken over the mother. After the tuck-in has been completed you will have a special herbal toning paste applied to the tummy and then be wrapped from rib cage to waist with a belly binder that has it’s roots in Malaysia. Bengkung belly binding is used to close the body after birth, insulate the mother from growing to chilled and help with posture and lower back pain. The facilitator will teach the mother how to wrap herself, as the binding should be worn for 40 days (for 10-12 hours each day.) Your ceremony will include a quart of the special postpartum tea and a handmade, one of a kind belly binding to keep. If you choose to have this ceremony facilitated in your home- you can include a ceremonial herb or milk and honey bath!

As for that new baby? We welcome your bundle and will gladly take care of him/her while you have the opportunity to rest and soak in all the healing energy. I am a trained infant care professional, after all! Let me know if you’re bringing baby, so I can be sure to have an extra set of hands around if needed.

Price in Salon: $150.00

Price in Home: $200.00

Nurture You Mother Blessing Ceremony

A mother blessing ceremony is a wonderful alternative to a modern baby shower. Developed from the Navajo tradition of “blessingway” this ceremony is all about the mother-to-be. You will invite up to 20 of your closest female family and friends to join you. We have many options for the expectant mother to choose from- different crafts, rituals and physical offerings. We will facilitate your event, ensuring that all guests are able to relax and enjoy themselves, and never letting the guest of honor be bothered with setting up, breaking down or otherwise working in any way to make this event happen. When you choose to work with Nurture You for your mother blessing ceremony, you can expect us to handle all the details. We will meet with you approximately 4-6 weeks in advance to discuss your vision for your special day. We will bring many options to the table to inspire you. We can accommodate any spiritual/religion and will honor your faith in every way possible. Contact us today for a free 30 minute consultation to determine if a Nurture You Mother’s Blessing is a good fit!!

Price: $300 + decor/supply/etc cost

**Disclaimer- as with all my services, I am not a medical provider and none of my services or products are meant to diagnose or treat any medical problems. All of the following services and products are used at the consumer’s risk and I take no responsibility for any contraindications or negative effects. As always- talk to your doctor about any concerns you may have and before using any herbal remedies.

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